At Proximiteam, we know business technology through and through, providing experienced, project-specific teams in the areas of Software Development, Testing and Quality Assurance and Data Analytics.

Whether you’re a start-up, mid-sized or established company, we make it easy to extend your capabilities—quickly and on-demand—to meet your most demanding technology challenges.

We help companies to innovate and accelerate growth. We assemble the perfect team per each project allocating dedicated resources, and leave our customers to focus on their core business.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with a solid offshore network of global partners, we have defined efficient service delivery models that focus on value and productivity.


More than just geography, proximity is about culture and business sense. And this understanding is what makes Proximiteam’s near-shore model the best way to improve your software-development practices.

The key pillars of our value proposition are:

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We apply the right teams and methodologies to accelerate the software development lifecycle of your products and services.

The result is long-term value and sustained productivity for your business.



We boast 20+ years of success as a company—the result of our processes, our built-in quality assurance, and our hiring only the best talent.

Our project track record speaks for itself.



We are goal-driven and efficient. Our processes are agile. And, like the experts we hire, our techniques are smart and innovative.

Our goal is to keep your costs as low as possible, while delivering the best results possible.

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We have project-management services that are North America–based, while our development centres located within U.S. time zones.

This allows for real-time, uninterrupted communication between our development teams and our clients, project efficiencies and attractive cost savings.



Our mission is to support and foster business efficiency for our customers by using information technologies that are developed to the highest international quality standards.

Innovation. We apply creative thinking every step of the way to achieve our client’s preferred end results.

Teamwork. We are committed to cooperation, clear communication and team collaboration.

Accountability. We take ownership of our services when supporting our customers.

Trust. We know that true business partnerships are built on integrity, reliability and fairness.


We believe that a fruitful relationship with our customers relies on building a partnership that is mutually beneficial, in which we both work together to achieve a shared goal.
With that in mind, we have built a solid network of nearshore partners with efficient service delivery models that focus on value and productivity.

Our selected list of world-class partners is the result of a comprehensive an ongoing due diligence to select only those service providers with the best practices, methodologies and experience that assure the success of your project and the delivery of value for your enterprise.

With its geographical proximity to North American markets, robust IT university programs yielding large numbers of qualified software engineers, strong language and professional skills, low-labor costs and good telecommunications infrastructure, countries like Mexico, Argentina and Colombia have transformed into the most competitive and cost-efficient technology pools in Latin America offering efficient alternatives to other outsourcing destinations.



Could you benefit from a stronger and efficient technology team? From our business models to our client connections, team collaboration is integral to our work. We’re proud to offer our Team as a Service (TaaS) model as a growth accelerator for your company. This flexible, proprietary approach—led by our own industry experts—adjusts team composition and size to your specific project needs and budget. Whatever the scope, we can instantly enhance your capacity in Software Development, Software testing, Quality Assurance and Data Analytics—for better productivity, better cost-efficiency and a better quality result.

Our top-quality software services help our customers to innovate and accelerate growth. We assemble the perfect team per each project allowing our customers to to focus on their core business.