Cloud Migration Services


Cloud migration is the process of moving your business’s IT assets (data, systems, and IT processes) to a cloud environment, or between clouds. Cloud-based IT is an important resource and a crucial element in today’s business operations due to its scalability, security, and cost effectiveness. Proximiteam offers a personalized, thorough Cloud Migration Service that eliminates the uncertainty and pain of moving your assets. As your IT partner, we will handle the timescale, budget and services of your migration, and minimize the downtime and disruption to your business.

Whatever your industry, we’ll help define your cloud migration roadmap, plan and execute your migration to the cloud, and work with you to take advantage of your new cloud-based solutions.

Our Cloud Migration Services will help you to:

  • Define your cloud migration roadmap
  • Select the right cloud provider for your needs
  • Find a cloud architecture that is compatible with your IT infrastructure to avoid interoperability problems
  • Plan and execute the system migration to the cloud
  • Take full advantage of your cloud-based solutions by supporting you during and after the migration process

Benefits of migrating with Proximiteam:

  • Reduce migration risk
  • Optimize your cloud-based IT environment and costs
  • Minimize downtime and disruption to your business and your customers
  • Maintain the productivity of your workforce as it operates remotely through continuous, reliable and secure access to data, applications and devices


  • Has proven experience leading cloud migration projects
  • Partners with the three leading public cloud vendors (Amazon Web services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure)
  • Streamlines the migration process while maintaining system availability and minimizing downtime