Many major North American companies are choosing to outsource IT and software development needs to information technology firms based in Mexico. Here is why leaders in IT departments should consider an innovative outsourcing model as part of their competitive strategy.
The pace of technology increases with every new programming language, platform or development framework that is developed. As a result, digital technologies have created some of the fastest-growing skills gaps in our economy. Whether it is data analytics, virtual reality, Internet of Things (IoT), or any other area of the digital transformation, companies simply can’t keep up. (And market conditions and competitors won’t allow you the time to try to catch up.)


Fill the skills gap

Training teams on a continuous basis is time consuming and costly. It is inefficient and not a long-term solution. A contracted engineer or software consultant from an outsourced IT firm, however, is.
By outsourcing to a world-class, highly trained contractor, a company can fill its technology and experience gaps on day one. Companies are able to leverage a contractor’s experience, which has been gained from multiple projects, and use it to their advantage.

Contracted IT professionals offer flexibility to accommodate a company’s short- and long-term needs. Some even have adopted elastic business models, allowing companies to scale up or down on the number of team members to stay cost efficient while still maintaining specific and highly skilled tasks.

An effective contractor will take a collaborative approach, working alongside in-house staff, and providing new technology learning opportunities along the way. As a result, IT leaders can focus on optimizing outcomes and managing costs. Contractors don’t add to an IT department’s permanent headcount, nor do they put pressure on the existing team to onboard or train new hires.

At Proximiteam, we are proud and active digital innovators. With over 300 software engineers and consultants across the Americas. PROXIMITEAM is recognized as a trusted independent advisor and a leader in nearshore outsourcing.
We put our competencies at your service with a multi-location, multi-disciplinary approach supported by proven delivery methodologies. PROXIMITEAM enables you to deliver business value by accelerating the work and improving the performance of your development team.
Our engineers are exclusively dedicated to your project, working under the same guidelines and procedures as the rest of your team. Our consultants become an extension of your team and we offer flexibility. You only need to select the resources you need based on project requirements and expertise requirements.
PROXIMITEAM team members work remotely without compromising team collaboration, work efficiencies, work quality or project timelines. We believe in open, straightforward, transparent and immediate communication. We are here as much as you need us to be.

Our team is made up of highly qualified Data Architects, Data Scientists and Software Engineers with vast proven experience and combined decades of experience in software development and data analytics. We are committed to helping businesses and organizations through the challenges of digital transformation.

Feel free to drop us a line if you want to learn more.

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