In most parts of life, being labelled “disruptive” has negative connotations, but in the ever-changing world of technology, disruption is the goal.

Consider Spotify. The music-streaming app has completely transformed how people listen to music. Similarly, Airbnb, a company that doesn’t own a single room, has completely transformed how travellers book their accommodations. In just a few short years, both of these innovative, highly successful platforms have disrupted the traditional business models of the record and hotel industries.

Spotify and Airbnb are just two examples of new models that offer efficiency to the benefit of the end user—and caused major disruptions on how things used to be done. Just as Google, Facebook and Wikipedia did before them. These companies know that if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same results.

In the tech world, many companies strive to be disruptive innovators with their latest app, software or invention, yet they limit themselves by not changing how they run their business. Companies continue to apply the same practices they have had for decades when it comes to their product management and engineering processes.

True innovators have to ask themselves tough questions:

  1. Is our company overstaffed? Do we have the right people in place for this specific project?
  2. Is our recruitment process for new talent taking too long?
  3. Are internal hierarchies delaying our decision-making process?
  4. Are our most senior and talented engineers spending their time managing people and following business process, or are they able to apply their skills to creating and innovating?

Outdated business practices limit creativity and stifle innovation. Forward-thinking companies must apply new models able to respond competitively to ever-changing technology and markets. The most resourceful companies balance the right mix of internal talent with co-development partners. This is where Proximiteam can help.

Proximiteam is a boutique software firm that offers a near-shore resourcing model to fill talent gaps quickly while building on your existing teams’ strengths. A strategic alliance with Proximiteam ensures:

  • You have the right talent in place when they need it;
  • You are well positioned to respond quickly to product and technological changes; and
  • Your internal team can remain focused on the core business while we handle the rest.

To be cutting edge and at the forefront, it’s time to make changes. It’s time for some disruption. Let’s explore how Proximiteam can help you become the innovative and disruptive company you want to be.

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