The demands of building a successful tech company are many. Founders, investors and executive teams often place their focus on developing business models, creating innovative solutions for the digital era, ensuring an advantage in a competitive marketplace, and securing long-term funding. But there is something missing from this discussion: building the right team. It takes the right combination of skills, experience and personality to build the foundation of a company and truly make a difference.

At Proximiteam, our focus is building that team for you.

Developing an engaged, competitive and motivated team is paramount to support a competitive company. It is not just about recruiting the right people. It’s about finding the best fit, with the right balance and combination of skills, experience and personalities. A project’s success depends on the team. And at Proximiteam, our success depends on accurately identifying your needs and building the right team of quality personnel who will generate value for you.

At Proximiteam, we understand that one of the keys to our success begins with our talent management process. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Finding talent

The first step to a great talent management plan is a great hiring plan. Our talented acquisition specialists undergo nationwide searches, utilizing established relationships with universities and agencies, to find the best software engineers for our projects. The goal is not just to fill vacancies, but to develop an ongoing strategy that helps us find the right people to best serve all our projects.

  1. Hiring process

Our defined hiring criteria differentiates us from other companies:

  • When reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates, we look at people for their experience and the value they brought to past projects.
  • We only hire people with university degrees in a software engineering or related field.
  • Our comprehensive process includes three or more interviews to validate a candidate’s experience, technical abilities, and English-language skills. We include personality and reference checks.
  • We require our software developers to have, on average, between 5 to 7 years of working experience, and a minimum of 3 years.
  • We ensure that our teams also include professionals with 10-15+ years of experience working on a variety of projects, senior and experienced engineers provide strong leadership and mentorship to younger team members.
  1. Retaining talent

The value of a good working environment and culture is essential to retaining talent. We are proud that our team members like to work at Proximiteam. We credit this to our human resources planning, a commitment to finding the best fit for our people, and the projects to which they are assigned. The variety of projects that we undertake, which are on the leading edge of the latest technologies, keeps our team interested and motivated. Training and continuing education is not a perk, but a fundamental value that is aligned with our vision to have only trained, skilled and experienced people on our teams.

It is this combination of good people, good projects and a good working environment that satisfies our employees’ interests, setting them up to provide top-quality deliverables for our clients. Let Proximiteam focus on building the right team for your technology needs, allowing you to focus on building your business and exceeding your business goals.

Proximiteam’s Team extension model is scalable and flexible to enable a faster reaction to our customers’ needs. Get the advantages of our center of excellence, experience and methodologies and enrich your software development and delivery capacity of your teams.

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