Many major North American companies have gained a competitive advantage by outsourcing their IT and software development needs to information technology firms. Important to the success of this strategy, however, is the ability to choose the right partners and create appropriate professional dynamics.

That technology grows exponentially is no secret. One upshot of this growth is the creation of the fastest-growing skills gaps in our economy. Whether it’s a data analytics, Web or Mobile development, an Internet of Things (IoT) project, or any other area of the digital transformation, companies simply can’t keep up. And once they fall behind, they have no time to catch up.

Filling the Skills Gap

Training teams in highly technical matters on a continuous basis is inefficient, costly, and not a long-term solution. Contracting an engineering or software consultant from an outsourced IT firm, however, is.

Outsourcing to a world-class, highly trained contractor allows a company to instantly fill its technology and experience gaps by leveraging the contractor’s experience and training.

Contracted IT professionals provide the flexibility to accommodate a company’s short- and long-term needs. Elastic arrangements are also possible in which the number of team members can be scaled up or down. This maintains cost efficiency while still providing necessary skills.

Effective contractors take a collaborative approach. They work alongside in-house staff and allow IT leaders to focus on optimizing outcomes and managing costs. Contractors neither add to an IT department’s permanent headcount, nor put the pressure on the existing team of onboarding or training new hires.


At Proximiteam, we are proud and active digital innovators. With over 300 software engineers and consultants across the Americas, PROXIMITEAM is recognized as a trusted independent advisor and a leader in nearshore outsourcing.

Our mission is to allow our partners to focus on the core of their business by enriching their teams with highly qualified professionals through a dedicated partnership. We assemble the perfect team for each project, allocating dedicated resources to meet the most demanding technical or business goals.

By aligning our goals with yours, together we are better able to adapt to the changes in the marketplace and drive innovation in our search for mutual success.

We put our competencies at your service with a multi-location, multi-disciplinary approach supported by proven delivery methodologies. PROXIMITEAM enables you to deliver business value by accelerating the work and improving the performance of your development team.

Our engineers are exclusively dedicated to your project, working under the same guidelines and procedures as the rest of your team. Our consultants become an extension of your team and we offer flexibility. You only need to select the resources you need based on requirements for the project and in expertise.

PROXIMITEAM members work remotely without compromising team collaboration, work efficiencies, work quality, or project timelines. We believe in open, straightforward, transparent and immediate communication. We are here as much as you need us to be.


Our team is composed of highly qualified Software engineers, Front and Backend developers, QA engineers, Data Scientists and DevOps engineers with extensive, proven experience.

If you’re struggling with a tech-talent shortage that hampers the growth of your company, then know that there are innovative resourcing models that can help. We would love to hear about your experiences and offer any support or guidance your business may need.

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